Charlotte Area CFIDS/FMS Support Group

Meeting Protocol

1.  No Member or attendee shall use the meeting and it's members as a means of selling products and services. It is permissible to provide information of such but not as the primary objective of either the discussion or presentation. For example, a provider of healthcare may present information that would benefit a CFIDS or FMS patient but not for the purpose of profitable gain.

Support Group Administrative Committee Members

1. All prospective committee members must first attend 75% (16 out of 24) meetings during a 2-year period and be a member in good standing (paid dues, if any are assessed). This is to ensure that:

a) the health of the prospective committee member is up to the level required to volunteer for this job. AND

b) a general knowledge of the dynamics of THIS GROUP has been acquired.

EXCEPTION:  If unanimous by current committee, a non-PWC or a PWC transferring from another support group (i.e.; out of state) may have the number of meetings required shortened due to either being a non-PWC or having spent the 2 years as a member-in-good-standing of another support group (preferably CFS, MCS or FMS).

Note: Unresolved anger towards the illness can also occur in the beginning of the illness hence the 2-year waiting period for perspective committee members.

2. Due to the nature of the illness, all conflicts arising between committee members will be resolved in the following manner:

a. The first assumption will be that the conflicting committee members must meet face-to-face (with or without committee members present to review the conflict in terms of misunderstanding.

3.  Terms of Office

a.  1 calendar year, automatically renewable unless committee member resigns.

4.   If a support group member is interested in volunteering in some manner and in becoming a member of the committee, they may attend committee meetings subject to committee approval. However, until they qualify for committee membership, they will not be allowed to participate in voting.