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I have some articles for you along with my monthly meeting reminder for our first meeting of the Fall/Winter Season 2011-2012.


September 15ths Meeting:


An open forum of discussion. Come and join us for a discussion of all the common issues we share. Remember that guests are very welcome to any and all meetings. In some cases it can be an eyeopener for a family member/caregiver regarding how many symptoms we ALL share.


Upcoming Meetings


October 20th - Speaker:  Dr. Charles Lapp


November 17th - Speaker:  Debbi - Tips for all those memory issues we share


December 15th - Annual Christmas party with Santa Chuck at the piano for our traditional singalong.  Goodies will be appreciated of course.  But anyone can come with or without goodies. And bring a guest if you like.



Cort Johnson's Article on the Change to "ME"





Fibromyalgia Network News E-Lert for August (in case I forgot to send it earlier)





Dr. TeitelBaum's Latest Newsletter - New This Week: September 7, 2011

30 Top Tips for Treating CFS & Fibromyalgia When All Else Fails

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series

Dear Readers,

When giving lectures, I'm sometimes approached by people who say they've tried everything for their CFS or fibromyalgia but nothing helps. In most cases, I ask them if they've even tried the basic treatments in the SHINE protocol (such as the sleep medication Ambien, the adrenal hormone Cortef, the anti-fungals Diflucan and Anti-Yeast, and the thyroid supplements Armour or BMR Complex). Their answer is usually no.

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Adrienne Dellwo's Newsletter - About.com's ME/CFS & Fibro Guide


Adrienne, as usual has some excellent information in this her latest newsletter