Charlotte CFS/ME/FM Support Group Newsletter

for February 13, 2012


Our meeting this month will be held February 16, 2012 at 7PM. Our speaker will be vestibular therapist Melanie Riley of Palmetto Rehabilitation Specialists in Fort Mill. Melanie will speak to us about balance issues including ways to avoid falls and exercises to improve balance. If time permits, she will conduct balance evaluations for those wishing to have one. Melanie will be driving a good distance to spend the evening with us. Let's try to show our appreciation by having a good turnout.



As always, our meetings are at 7:00 PM at Sharon Presbyterian Church ( 7-9 PM), located 0.8 miles south of SouthPark Mall on Sharon Road.  Use the entrance closest to the mall if you can. There is a second entrance but you'll have to weave around in order to find the parking lot to the left of the sanctuary building (left as you would be facing the building). 


We meet in the Charles Little Activity Building (or CLAB), which is the brick building at the rear of the parking lot.  As you come into the building you should see a sign for the meeting, then go into the first door on your right - the Parlor - where our group meets.


Remember no perfumes so as not to make those with MCS ill and no smoking anywhere on the church grounds.


And if you need further directions, you can call me at 704-563-0657.




My husband Harvey had surgery - his second surgery to remove a tumor from one of his lungs.  But he came thru it with great results. The only cancer was in the small tumor they removed.  Sorry I've not been able to share as much information with you for a while.  But I will make sure you get meeting reminders.  Eventually, I'll have time to get back to sharing more info from the various sources I have.  As you can imagine I'm buried in piles of paperwork, etc.





December E-News Alert From Fibromyalgia Network


I may already included this in a previous newsletter. I'm not sure. But someone may have missed it if I did.





 FM-CP Advocate January E-Newsletter


This is just one of the topics you'll find in this newsletter:


Understanding Centralization and the Effect of Myofascial Trigger Points Fibromyalgia





January 2012 E-News Alert from Fibromyalgia Network


This is hot of the press.  Those diagnosed with ME/CFS will find some of this newsletter ver interesting.  We all know or should know that many symptoms of ME and FM overlap.




ME/CFS HealthWatch February 2012

Orthostatic Intolerance and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



How Your Doctor Can Help When You Have ME/CFS


This is a repeat of a very important piece of information you can share with your primary care doctor to help them to help you cope with and be treated for ME/CFS.  The Self-Help Web-Site by Dr. Lapp and Bruce Campbell contains a wealth of information but links to even more.  Go to for the general info but the following link is specifically a tried and true treatment guide for practitioners you can share with your doctor.



Our Support Group Leader and Board Members:

- Our Support Group Leader is Kebbie Cannon at or Asst. Support Group Leader, Maggie Reed at


- Medical Advisor Dr. Charles Lapp, Hunter Hopkins Clinic in Charlotte.  You can visit Dr. Lapp's Web Sites at where there is ample info about his clinic and making an appointment if you need.  His other site is


- Our Treasurer is Leslie Vann at


- Newsletter Editor is Nancy Henson at


- Visit our web site at